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Live your ideal working life with us. We offer candidates the freedom to set their own schedules so they can improve their workflow and manage productivity on their own terms. Employees will get the opportunity to partake in paid training, transitional support to a home-based environment, great pay, general safety, and the ability to earn bonus incentives.


After decades of experience, we understand the common issues that hectic lives and busy schedules bring. That's why it’s our goal to present flexible and fair work-from-home opportunities for those who need them most. What You Want Global Services is an innovative omnichannel customer support company that holds freedom and flexibility close to its heart. We proudly offer candidates and companies an opportunity to find the services, working environment, and reliability that they want. Our firm connects skilled customer service professionals with Fortune 500 companies and provides remote work opportunities for skilled workers all across the country. The rapidly evolving post-COVID-19 society has been a catalyst for the normalcy of remote work. As this trend continues to influence daily life, it will be necessary for companies and employees to make important adjustments that dictate their success.

Bringing Talent Home

If you're looking for a unique, full-time work from home opportunity and a role where you can earn while you learn, you've landed on the right page. Our initials stand for ``what you want,`` and we're not kidding. We provide staffing services that match professional call center agents with companies where they can thrive by listening intricately to our partners and developing a holistic understanding of who they are. Both partners and job seekers can benefit from our innovative staffing solutions and unique approach to working from home.