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Understanding the Pandemic - John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

Meditation and mindfulness tips for coping with the coronavirus pandemic

Free Mindfulness Resources to Find Calm and Nourish Resilience During the COVID Outbreak

Coronavirus sanity guide -Ten Percent Happier

Care for your coronavirus anxiety

What is Therapeer?

Therapeer is a peer to peer mental health support app, helpful if you just need a listening ear.

Get Real Health Stories

The Mighty is a safe community for people with mental health concerns.

Coronavirus Risk Assessment

Doctor on Demand has created a free coronavirus risk assessment based on CDC guidelines that will assist you in determining if you need to see a doctor.

Form to Legally Halt Eviction Until December 31, 2020.

CDC Declaration Form

For Clark County, Las Vegas Nevada Residents Only

Clark County CARES Housing Assistance Program

Our Friends Over at Internetpolyglot.com has Provided Free Support to Learn Your Choice of Over 30 Languages!

Internet Polyglot! One of our favorite free language learning Resources!

Courses offered in Core Subjects for All Grade Levels.

Khan Academy - A Free Resource for Pre-K to College Level Learning!

Bored? Try learning a new language for free!

Duolingo Offers Free Language Learning For Life!

Build Your Typing Speed Free!

Learn to type faster with the Ratatype typing tutor. Lessons are free.

Fight boredom and build speed! Test your skills against others and become champion!
The Defense Language Center Foreign Language Institute offers hundreds of free language lessons!

Global Language Online Support System (GLOSS)

A little rusty in your second language? See where you are and brush up for free!

Online Diagnostic Assessment is a free tool developed by the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) to help new language learners boost language profeciency.

"Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace." ~Buddha


Work from Home: Inpiring hope in a post-COVID-19 new normal

To say COVID-19 shook up the way we work is an understatement. Never before has working-from- home become such a global trend. It’s certainly one that’s going nowhere. Tech giants like Facebook and Microsoft have re-evaluated their workforce with many employees continuing to work remotely after quarantine restrictions have eased.

While navigating through this time of uncertainty is challenging for everyone, there is much to celebrate about working from home. We feel a sense of optimism should lead the way.

With the ability to pick and choose when you work following your daily routine, remote working is a liberating choice. It allows you the freedom to earn extra dollars from the comfort and safety of your own home. At WYW Global Services we aim to be a beacon of hope for those whose employment opportunities may have been compromised or those that simply want to maximize their income on their own terms.

It’s our philosophy that through innovative, practical recruitment solutions that offer flexibility and opportunity, we can build a brighter tomorrow for both workers and companies.